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  • Are your pictures accurate?
    Yes, my pictures are representative of the shape of my body. I am a lot shorter in person than it appears in my pictures, I get told this all the time! (I am only 5'1) However, as mentioned in the disclaimer above my pictures in the gallery section of my website, I cover my tattoo and face for my privacy. If you want to see more of me before meeting me, please head to my Onlyfans
  • Where are your tattoos located on your body?
    My tattoo covers most of my legs, arms and back, I do not have (and have no intention to) any tattoos on my belly, chest, neck, face and hands. I enjoy having the option to completely cover my tattoo in my civil life
  • Are you also a content creator as well as a companion? 
    No, my Onlyfans is only for you to see more of me before meeting me in a way that protects my identity. All the pictures on this platform are professional, such as the ones on my website. After subscribing to my Onlyfans, please feel free to put your renewal on off since I am not very active anymore, I prefer to dedicate my time and energy to companionship
  • Can I contact you through Onlyfans for a rendezvous? 
    No, an in-person meeting is strongly prohibited by Onlyfans, it can make me lose my account. If you do so, you will be fired from my services
  • How should I contact you to plan our first date? 
    My booking form is my preferred way of contact, this assures you an answer from me! Well-introduced emails or texts with all the information needed are also fine with me
  • What language do you speak? 
    I speak French and English
  • Do you enjoy having a glass of wine (or champagne) during our rendezvous?
    Yes, absolutely! A glass (or two) is always good for the nerves if you feel a little nervous or you simply want to relax in my company after a long day
  • Are you newbie friendly? 
    Yes absolutely, not having a reference is not an issue for me, it is why I offer alternative screening methods
  • What are your availabilities like? 
    I am a social butterfly so my availabilities are extremely sporadic! Inquire about the time frame that works best for you. If unfortunately, I am not available, I will do my best to find the best moment that works for both of us
  • What is the earliest time we can plan a date together?
    10 am, but please know I am not an early bird, I am mostly a lady of the evening (afternoon is also fine with me)
  • What is your ideal prebooking notice? 
    The earlier the better, but a pre-booking notice of 12 hours and more is always highly appreciated and a great way to insure my availability
  • What should I expect when meeting you?
    I am always excited to connect and spend quality time with my lovers! I will be rested, freshly showered and all dolled up for you. I love to get to know the people I meet and truly connect with them beyond a simple physical aspect
  • What are your expectations when meeting me?
    Respect, respect, respect! (and good hygiene)
  • Do I have to enter both my email and phone number in your booking form? 
    For Canadian inquiries the answer is no, only one is necessary, the way you prefer to be contacted is at your discretion. However, a real phone number and email address are mandatory for all USA inquiries
  • Are text app numbers allowed? 
    No, if you desire privacy please only enter your email in my booking form. All USA inquiries require a real phone number for safety reasons
  • Do you answer phone calls? 
    No, your call will be redirected to a voicemail (I do not listen to voice memos)
  • Can I contact you via WhatsApp or Signal?
    Yes absolutely, same number!
  • I haven't heard back from you, why?
    You simply didn't introduce yourself well enough or relevant information was missing
  • What is an Incall?
    Our meeting will take place at my location
  • Where is your incall space located?
    Downtown Montreal near Bell Center
  • What is an Outcall? 
    Our meeting will take place at your location
  • Do you provide Outcalls in private residences? 
    Yes but additional screening will be required for my safety
  • What are your expectations when I host you?
    I expect your place to be as clean as if I was hosting you myself
  • Do you have a transportation fee for Outcalls? 
    Since I have a car, I can take care of my transportation for any outcall appointment in Montreal. For any Outcall taking place outside of my hometown, a transportation fee will apply, this fee is variable depending on where our rendezvous will take place.
  • What is a Fly me to you? 
    It is an enjoyable getaway together! But more precisely, during this type of rendezvous, my entire attention is devoted only to you! You also have the convenience of deciding where exactly our date will take place in the world, how great!
  • What is a Drive me to you? 
    It is an extended Outcall taking place outside of the Greater Montreal area
  • What type of companionship do you offer? 
    I provide in-person girlfriend experience
  • Do you offer a "PornStar Experience"?
    I do not identify as a PSE provider, even when the right mood is set, it can get pretty intense in the bedroom!
  • Do you have a menu?
    If you are looking for a provider with a menu with acronyms, you are unfortunately not looking at the right place. If you wish to experiment something specific with me, please let me know, and I will tell you if this is possible and inside my boundaries and comfort zone. I strongly believe that providing an experience rather than an (often mechanical) service ensures a way more pleasant moment for both parties and a more personalized experience.
  • To whom do you cater your services? 
    I provide my services without discrimination to all gender identification and non-binary individual, couples are also more than welcome. My services are accessible to people over 18 years old
  • Do you enjoy catering to couples?
    Absolutely, they are my favourite type of rendezvous. I love helping couples discover new experiences or simply helping them spice up the bedroom!
  • Do you apply an extra fee for couples? 
    Yes, an extra fee per hour applies for all couple inquiries
  • What is the minimum duration for couples?
    A date of a minimum of 2 hours is require of all couple inquiries
  • Do both parties need to pass screening for a couple inquiry?
    For Canadian inquiries, only one of the partners must pass screening (usually the man). For all USA inquiries, both parties need to pass screening
  • Are your services guaranteed? 
    Depending on the unique conditions and circumstances of every appointment, none of the services that I provide are ever guaranteed
  • What is your privacy policy regarding my screening information?
    I handle your personal information with a lot of care and professionalism. No information will be stored or shared after screening
  • How many screening methods do I need to choose? 
    You have to choose only one screening method among the three options possible mentioned in my form
  • What do you consider a valid and reputable reference?
    A valid and reputable reference is an independent provider you saw in the last six months or less that can remember you and vouch for you. Your reference needs to be still active in the community and needs to have an online presence (website, advertisement, social media)
  • How many references do I need to provide?
    A minimum of one reference is required
  • Do you contact the reference I provide?
    Yes, absolutely!
  • What criteria do you take into consideration to accept or refuse a LinkedIn profile?  
    If the profile is complete, has some activity on it and has a reasonable number of connections
  • Can I blur any information on my government-issued ID?
    No, this will invalidate your ID as a screening method
  • What is a forum handle? 
    A forum handle is an alias you subscribe under on a review board
  • Can I screen with my P411 profile? 
    Unfortunately not anymore, but feel free to share this information with me since it will allow me to get to know you better before meeting you
  • Is the deposit mandatory?
    Yes, this is non-negotiable. The deposit is only mandatory to confirm the first rendezvous
  • What are the deposit methods you accept?
    I accept e-transfer (only available with a Canadian bank account), gift cards (electronic or physical) and Throne Wishlist for international deposit
  • Which gift card do you accept for deposit?
    For any deposit provided by gift card, I let myself the freedom to choose the one I desire to receive, usually, it will be one of those mentioned in the Spoil me section of my website
  • What if I can't do an electronic deposit for privacy reasons?
    If you can not transfer money electronically for privacy reasons, a physical gift card of my choice bought in any drug store will be required to confirm our appointment. You can provide the gift card to me by taking a picture and sending it my way by email or text
  • What is Throne Wishlist?
    Throne is designed as an online gifting platform powered by Stripe. When you buy a "gift" on this platform, the money is directly deposited in my bank account so I can buy the "gift" myself. This platform allowed me to receive "gifts" in the safest way possible. In exceptional circumstances, deposits and full donations can be provided using the platform Throne, in this case, a small extra fee will apply
  • What are the deposit methods you do not accept?
    Amazon gift card, PayPal, Vanilla prepaid card. Canadians cannot access Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle and Apple Pay.
  • What is your deposit fee?
    My deposit fee varies between 25% and 50% at my discretion
  • Are deposits refundable? 
  • Are deposits transferable to a rescheduled date?
    If advise at least 72 hours in advance of our scheduled date; yes! But please note deposits are only transferable if the date is rescheduled promptly, deposits are not held overtime for a "potential" reschedule rendezvous
  • What will happen to my deposit if you cancel the rendezvous yourself? 
    This only happens under exceptional circumstances, but if unfortunately, I can not attend our rendezvous as initially planned for any reason, I will fully refund it by sending you a gift card of your choice by email to protect my identity
  • What is your cancellation policy? 
    For any cancellation made within a 48-hour window, a cancellation fee of 50% will apply. 100% 0f the donation is required for same-day cancellation, non-show are also subject to the same cancellation policy. If you refuse to comply with this policy, you will be fired from my services. A date cancelled more than 48 hours in advance can be easily rescheduled
  • Do you have a policy if I am late to our rendezvous? 
    Yes, a 20 minutes grace time is granted to any lovers that are running late to our rendezvous and show efficient communication with me towards this situation, but please know that this time will be subtracted from your original appointment duration.
  • What if I arrive early to our date?
    Please, be the most punctual possible, if you happen to arrive early to our date, please wait in your car or somewhere discreet until I am ready to receive you
  • Can you accommodate a last-minute inquiry?
    On tour, if I am available, yes absolutely! However, it is a lot harder to accommodate a last-minute inquiry in my hometown so please plan ahead so we can both look forward to our moment together
  • Do you have a rush fee? 
    Yes, for any inquiry made in a window of 4 hours, a fee per hour will apply to the total donation of the rendezvous
  • Do you have a late night fee?
    Yes, for any rendezvous starting after 1pm, a fee per hour will apply
  • Do you have an early morning fee?
    No, since rendezvous starting before 10am are simply impossible. Why? The chance I don't wake up on time for our date is just too high, so by respect for you and your time, the earliest date possible is 10am without any additional fee
  • When do I need to give the remaining donation? 
    At the beginning of our date
  • What type of payment do you accept for the remaining donation? 
    Ideally cash, but I can accommodate any other type of transfer if told ahead of time. Gift cards are however not accepted as a form of payment for the remaining donation
  • Can I pay the remaining donation in USD if the rendezvous takes place in Canada?
    Yes, at a 1:1 ratio, the other way around is unfortunately impossible. For rendezvous taking place in the USA, the remaining balance must be given in USD
  • Can I negotiate your donation?
    My donations are non-negotiable
  • What is your duo policy?
    I provide duos with other reputable providers I trust and know, the highest donation must be matched for both providers participating
  • Do you offer your BDSM service to first-time lovers?  
    Unfortunately not anymore due to repetitive past experiences unless you have experience in BDSM and it's mentioned in your initial contact form
  • Do you apply an extra fee for BDSM sessions?
    Yes, an extra fee per hour applies for all BDSM inquiries
  • Can I request an outfit?  
    If the outfit in question appears on my website or Onlyfans there should be no problem. If you desire to see me wearing a specific outfit, please make sure you are in the capacity to cover the expenses of the purchase related to your request. Unfortunately, while touring in the USA I am not in the capacity to accommodate outfit requests even if they are displayed on my website and Onlyfans, please be sure to be in the capacity the fully finance your request if you wish to make one
  • Do you enjoy role-play?
    Honestly, not really, the best role I play is myself, you should try it, I'm pretty sure you will like it!
  • When do I need to take my shower? Is it mandatory?
    A shower is mandatory, nothing is more important to me than hygiene. For an incall rendezvous, please take your shower shortly after your arrival, a clean towel will always be provided for you in the bathroom. For an outcall rendezvous, please take your shower and dress with a fresh set of clothes upon my arrival, shortly after my arrival I will excuse myself for a moment and go refresh myself in your bathroom, please leave the necessary for me
  • Do I put my clothes back on after my shower? 
    Unless it is a fresh set of clothes, please use the towel provided
  • Can you jump in the shower with me?
    This is a fantasy that will have to live only in your head! Since I will be all doll up for you, a shower together will most likely be a little "counterproductive", but please be sure I will be freshly showered just a few minutes before your arrival
  • What about perfume?
    In regard to your privacy, I will always arrive scent-free to a date, an unscented deodorant is the only thing I allow myself to wear during a date. In the same order of idea, I also appreciate when my lovers come scent-free or lightly perfumed to our rendezvous
  • Do you offer social dates? 
    Yes, for a minimum of 2 hours, see the appropriate section of my website to learn more about my donations
  • Will I need to bring anything to our date? 
    I have a fully stuck loft with anything you might need, scented and unscented products for the shower, mouth-wash and other potentially necessary items you might need. But please if you feel like bringing anything to drink or to eat while we enjoy our moment together please be my guest and feel free to do so!
  • Do you offer monthly arrangements with or without exclusivity? 
    Yes absolutely, please reach out to me for more details!
  • Do you offer bespoke packages?
    Yes, for any bachelor/birthday party, extended trip/stay and arrangements with or without exclusivity my donation is bespoke so please make sure to include the most details possible in your first correspondence with me
  • I would like to take you out, where would you like to go? 
    I am always thrilled to discover new restaurants and activities! If you would like to see my recommendations in my hometown, head to the Spoil me section of my website and scroll down the page
  • Do you feel comfortable accompanying me to a social event with other people?  
    Yes absolutely! But a little in-person "briefing" together will be required before the event
  • Can I write a review about our experience together? 
    Would you like me to review our experience together for the public to read? I guess not! Confidientiality holds a significant importance to me and I expect from my lovers the same. I am not a business on YELP you can just causally review, I am a human being with emotions. The vulnerability and intimacy we share should always be respected by both parties and everyone should understand that chemistry is unique. Let's keep our experience a safe and judgement-free zone from the beginning to the end, I assure you this will make our moment together feel even more magical and comfortable.
  • Can I use you as a reference? 
    If we saw each other in the past six months I have no problem being your reference! Please reach out to me beforehand so I know I should be expecting an email from one of my colleagues so I can answer promptly
  • Do you offer virtual dates? 
    Unfortunately no, I do not offer this type of date
  • Can I take pictures or record our session?
    Memories of our moment together should be kept in your head and not on your phone or any other device. I value the privacy of my lovers and I expect them to value my privacy just as much
  • Would you sign a non-disclosure agreement? 
    No, since those are not considered valid in front of a court of law due to the context of our meeting. Please be sure I will always have at heart the privacy of my lovers, I will never put myself in a position that could tarnish my reputation
  • Are you "420 friendly"? 
    I absolutely do not mind the usage of THC/CBD vape pens and regular vapes during our time together
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