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What you can expect from me


As an Elite Courtesan, know I will always have your greatest pleasure and satisfaction at heart. I will always welcome you freshly showered and ready. I take at least an hour of my time to doll up for my lovers before my appointments - no exceptions! Know that my style will always be pleasing to your eyes, fresh, rested, and ready to fully dedicate myself to you. I never let myself be distracted by any outside distractions, which means that you will never see me checking my phone for personal or even work-related reasons. During my time with you, I am fully present in the moment and dedicated to you and only you. It is also good to know that I am a very punctual person, that said, I will never make you wait past the time of our scheduled appointment time.


My expectations and policies


As per the above, I expect the same type of dedication regarding our appointment from all my lovers. Before any appointment, a shower is required, no exception. I keep the freedom to stop any appointment at any time for poor hygiene, suspicions of any transmissible diseases, if I feel unsafe around you or if you are disrespecting me or treating me poorly. I also expect all my lovers to attend their appointments on time. Perhaps, I do understand the challenge of life and then give a 20 minute grace for any late lovers who show great communication towards this situation with me, but please take note that this time will be subtracted from your original appointment duration.


I reserve myself the right to provide my services to GENTLEMEN ONLY, if you want more details about what I consider to be a gentleman please reach out to me directly. Also, depending on the unique conditions and circumstances of every appointment, none of the services  I provide are ever guaranteed, for further details about this policy, you can once again contact me directly. In other words, if you are respectful and take care of yourself, you shouldn't worry about those two policies. I provide my services WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, weight and ability. However, my services are only accessible to people over 18 years old.


Deposit and Cancellation


For any appointment cancellation, I will kindly ask you to let me know as soon as they are aware they can not attend their appointment. If your cancellation is within a 48 hours window from the scheduled time of our appointment a cancellation fee representing 50% of the full donation will apply. The amount of the deposit will be subtracted from the cancellation fee. 100% 0f the donation is required for same-day cancellation. Non-show are also subject to the same cancellation policy, refusing to comply with this policy will make you fired from my services. If the cancellation was made more than 48 hours in advance, the date can be easily rescheduled. Deposits are never refundable or transferable to a rescheduled appointment. On the other hand, if for any extreme personal reason, I need to cancel our appointment and we can't reschedule for various reasons, your deposit will then be fully refunded to you through a Gift Card to protect my identity. My deposit fee may vary between 25% and 50% at my own discretion.


Last-minute & Late-night


For last-minute inquiries, if by any chance I can accommodate your last-minute inquiry, which happens extremely rarely, a rush fee per hour will be added to the total donation of our rendezvous. "Last-minute" means less than 4 hours notice. A late-night fee per hour also applies for any rendezvous debuting after 10pm.

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