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The GFE Experience

As a passionate and sensual companion, I specialize only, at all times and under any circumstances, in The Girlfriend Experience. For further details about what is exactly included in the GirlFriend Experience, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to me. However, if you are looking for a provider with a menu with acronyms, you are unfortunately not looking at the right place. If you wish to experiment something specific with me, please let me know, and I will tell you if this is possible and inside my boundaries and comfort zone. I strongly believe that providing an organic experience rather than an (often mechanical) service ensures a way more pleasant moment for both parties and a more personalized experience. I do not offer trips to "Greece" (figuratively)! Even if I do provide an intense and suave experience, my services do not include, and will never, the type of experience qualify as a "PornStar Experience". If you are interested in this type of service, I will kindly ask you to redirect yourself to one of my colleagues who identifies as such. 


As mentioned in the "About me" section, I am also in all capacities to provide you with a mesmerizing domination/submissive experience by being myself a Switch. My equipment for this type of service is pretty large so do not hesitate to inquire. Physical and mental domination, humiliation, worship, submission, fetish and many more are part of the experience I can provide. But, as a result of recurring past experiences, my BDSM services will henceforth be offered exclusively to established lovers, unless you have significant experience in BDSM and you introduce yourself accordingly to me in your initial contact form. I now desire to develop this aspect of my services naturally around effective communication and mutual trust built over time. I desire to take pleasure and enjoyment in this experience as much as my lovers do. Please note that for any established or experienced lover who wishes to experience a BDSM session with me, an additional fee per hour will be added to the initial donation. This service is only available in Canada.


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