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Quebec City,Ottawa


& Mont-Tremblant


Drive Me To You Policies 

  1. Only Multi-Hours, Overnight, Full Day, Weekend or Full Week are available for this services

  2. This services is only available in the province of Quebec & Ontario 

  3. The destination must be at a maximum distance of 6 hours from Montreal 

  4. A 25% deposit is required  

  5. A reference of a least one courtesan or a P411 account is required 

  6. Every hour of transportation is an additional 100$/h to the initial donation 

  7. For every period of 24 hours is required 2 hours for myself to get ready for the day

  8.  I required a least 6 hours of sleep per night 

  9. I must be the only one to have access at all time to a safe to protect my personal belongings

  10. The 75% donation remaining is given once we are together

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