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A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Ms Emily for a 90 mins incall session downtown, and without a doubt or hesitation, this was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, which is saying a lot considering some of the remarkable women I have met in Montreal, especially this last year Emily was a sexual firecracker. From the moment she opened the door in her outfit, the sexy secretary, I knew I was done for. He body was to die for, her eyes were mesmerizing to the point I got lost in them many many times, and her personality was welcoming and playful. For the sessions itself, all I can saw is WOW. I am dying to see her again soon and go back. It was intense, playful, with a mixture of soft GFE sensual teasing, to heart racing, sweaty, body quivering PSE bliss. Prior to the session starting, she asked if I wanted some water and I declined.... that was a mistake... once I was finished, I was exhausted to say the least. Emily has the certain quality the is hard to put into words. In addition to being stunning, she is smart, carry's on great conversation, patient, and is really focused on you. once again... dying to see her again soon. Looks: 9/10 - Amazing body overall! Service: 10/10 - Hands down the most fun I have had this year. Attitude: 10/10 - Always smiling, pleasant, booking was easy to make. Playful right until the moment I left. Repeat? Yes, in a heartbeat ​ - Winnipegwonder, Jun 24 2021

Son annonce dans la section Indy a tout d'abord attiré mon attention. J'aimais bien le look général de ses photos ainsi que son corps de type spinner. Je me suis alors abonné à son compte Onlyfans. Oh la la, j'ai été convaincu sur le champ, elle venait d'apparaître sur ma "to do list". Son compte contient de nombreuses photos et clips. Étant porté quelque peu sur le "kinky" j'ai été immédiatement interpellé par ses photos avec ses longues bottes de cuir et autres jouets. Hum... tellement sexy... Fallait que je la rencontre. Je prends contact avec Emily. En quelques textos, on passe au travers du screening standard et je lui exprime mes envies particulières. La prise de rendez vous est simple et efficace. Dès la prise de rendez vous (et pour les rendez vous suivants car je l'ai vu plus d'une fois), elle se fond dans le jeu de mes envies. Elle joue a merveille son rôle de vilaine jeune fille qui doit être disciplinée et punie. Et elle suit à la lettre mes instructions, que ce soit au niveau de l'habillement, des accessoires ou du déroulement de la rencontre. Clairement, elle apprécie son choix de carrière. C'est une naturelle! Une vraie petite bombe sexuelle. Et capable d'avoir du vrai plaisir... j'en veux à preuve le lit tout mouillé après qu'elle m'ait fait la surprise de squirter (YMMV)!!! Wow!!! Et quel plaisir divin que de la prendre en doggy avec ce merveilleux petit cul de course!!! Déjà hâte de te revoir chère Emily, en espérant que tu as été encore très vilaine...!!! ​ - liloudallas, Jul 4 2021

I had the pleasure of meeting Emily today! Booking by email was quick and easy. She hosts in a clean, modern but minimalist apartment downtown. We started by chatting on the couch about her start in the industry. Clearly she knows what's she's doing and she has all it takes to succeed! After some kissing and the obligatory shower, she proceeded with a great BBBJ with frequent DT. Wow! Then multiple positions over two rounds. The highlights were cowgirl in different angles, and doggy while grabbing her small waist or her cute round butt! She's quite affectionate and holds a conversation very well. She has many tattoos (very well done), which are all digitally hidden in her pictures, as clearly stated in her ad here. Overall I really enjoyed my session with her. Thanks Emily! ​ - MCTJ, Jul 31 2021

I met Emily, her pictures do her no justice. DAMN she is petite and I love that, and she is an amazing person to talk to, don't try to BS your way with her. 1.5 hr went way too fast. I am in love with this lady, she is H-O-T. ​ - What's my name, Aug 30 2021

I saw her a little while ago and can confirm that she's fantastic. She looks a bit like Bernadette from Big Bang theory, very girl next door look. She's super nice and mega professional, while still making you feel at ease. I had some requests and she was super happy to oblige. A+ everything. ​ - Kujuta, Sept 28 2021

I had the opportunity to meet the lovely Emily today while she visits Vancouver for the first time. I found her travel notice on Tryst and I follow her on Twitter. She is a young sophisticated and beautiful woman. I was pleasantly surprised when she opened the door and I enjoyed every moment of our time together. She is well traveled, intelligent and very sexy and she made sure I left her with a big smile and wanting to see her again.  ​ Emily was very quick responding to my initial email as I made sure to provide all the information she required in her website, including plenty of references and a good description of myself. Emily is a true GFE and she does have a lot of amazing tattoos that she covers in her photos for confidentiality. They are well placed, very unique, colorful and a true piece of art. I enjoyed them very much. Emily was perfectly groomed for our date, nails and toes recently done, make up and hair and dress to kill with a matching lingerie set. I got some make up on my face from all the DFK but she was careful to make sure I didn’t take any home. She is petite, but with a killer body, natural perky breasts and pierced nipples, fully shaved with the cleanest pussy and the tightest round ass. Her feet are really beautiful and if you like feet as I do, you will certainly appreciate them. She was prompt to let me know via email that she was ready even before I arrived, which was nice because it showed that she was eager to meet me. I saw her at one of my favorite hotels downtown and as I said, when she opened the door I knew this was going to be a great date. We kissed and after our hellos I excused myself to the shower. I came out to find her on the bed waiting for me. We started DFK like teenagers, I was already super hard in anticipation to what was about to happen, as I removed her bra. Her perky breasts are awesome! I licked her pierced nipples and she started a wonderful BBBJ as I laid back on the bed. Her breasts dangling as she moved up and down sucking. She grabbed my balls with her right hand as she continued devouring my cock. I caressed her shoulders and grabbed her breasts as I asked her to slow down. After a few minutes I had to return the favor, so I pulled her to the edge of the bed and spread her legs slowly placing her feet on my back so I could eat her pussy. She was super clean and responsive to my licking her clit and sucking her labia. I stopped to insert my thumb into her wet tight pussy and she licked it. I stood up and placed her feet around my cock for a small foot job. At this point I really wanted to be inside her, so I asked for a cover, she placed it gracefully and we started with standing MISH, followed by K9. I was loosing it fast so I had to pull out to bring the excitement down. Emily would push herself hard to ram my cock deep into her pussy. I was going to soon explode so I asked her to turn around to ride the last mile MISH. As I was about to CUM I pulled out and sprayed my warm thick load on her stomach. We cleaned up and chatted for a good while. Emily has the cutest French accent and she is a true Gem. She plans to come back to Vancouver in the fall and I can’t wait to see her again.  ​ The Erotic Review - TOZ6464, Sept 8 2021

I saw Emily. Great girl. Lots of energy, fun, engaging, bubbly. Great service. I only did hh but an h would have been fun for a second round. I liked her look a lot but I am a big sucker for French spinners. Love them. She has a lot of tattoos but nothing too distracting. Full tat sleeves, back and legs. Pierced nipples too. Again, everything was in good taste and she looked great. Great hygiene, she was very fresh and smelled great. Booking: 8.5 Attitude: 9 Body: 8.5 Face: 8 Service: 9 Recommend and will likely repeat! ​ - Happyhomer, Jun 18 2021

One word, fantastic! She has a lot of energy, I didn't do anything, she does all the job   She is easygoing, funny and really beautiful! her accent is so engaging! She makes you feel comfortable while you are there!  The place is nice and clean! I enjoy my first “meeting” with her! If you have the opportunity, go ahead!  It is necessary to mention that she responds to her messages quickly! the communication is very well compared to other girls that never answered my messages. If you don't speak English very well, don't worry!  She can deal with that!  See you guys! Have fun! ​ - MarcoPolo91, Jun 18 2021

Had the pleasure of meeting Emily yesterday at my hotel. Texting was super easy. Arrived on time. Not one bad thing to say about her. Which is nice as I’m super new to this. Everything we agreed on was promised. She has a beautiful French accent, a beautiful body and face. I love her tattoos as I love tattoos. Very easy to talk to, makes you feel comfortable. It’s a repeat for me next time she’s around. ​ - cjdippa101, Jun 20 2021

I had the pleasure of seeing Emily during her recent trip to Toronto. I saw her with Ruby for a multi-hour duo. A little birthday present to myself. It was amazing. Ruby is a favourite and has been well-reviewed, so I'll focus this review on Emily. She's a beautiful woman - super tight, sexy body and lovely face. I won't get into a detailed play by play, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute with her. The highlights were definitely her expert BBBJ and doggy (she has a perfectly toned ass). I also found her really fun to hang out with between rounds. She's smart and well-informed, so the conversation was interesting. She seems like a really sweet and caring person. If she was local, I would see her regularly. I'm definitely going to see her the next time she's back in Toronto. Please treat her well boys. ​ - *si*, Jun 22 2021

Booking with Emily was quick, easy, detailed and on-time. Met at an older building but the place was tidy, clean and requisite amenties were provided (plenty of showergel, clean towels, mouthwash, cups). Getting up to the room was also quick, anonymous with zero hassle. I'm always apprehensive when visiting someone new but was relieved to be greeted at the door by a beautiful blonde in a robe and lingerie. A welcome hug and some passionate kissing ensued at the door before I made leave for the shower. Out of the shower and into the bedroom, where the LFK/DFK continued. I'm generally not a huge fan of tattoos and Emily does have a lot of them that aren't shown in her profile pics. Regardless, I ended up being a fan of Emily's body-art, which were very well-done, tasteful, tactfully-placed and complemented her fit body. I would say the service in the room was a passionate, energetic GFE. Emily knows what she's doing. Post-action involved some welcomed cuddling, more kissing and conversation where Emily's cool, friendly and easy-going personality comes through. Emily's a sweetheart, treat her well. Face: High GND Body: 8.5-9 Service: 9 Personality/Conversation/Vibe: 9 Highlight: The LFK/DFK and GFE vibe through-out Downside: Nit-picking here but more makeup than I'd like (only because it rubs off on everything) Repeat: Yessir. ​ - maxbob, Jun 27 2021

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen anyone in the industry, but I had a chance to visit Emily for one hr this past weekend. She’s visiting from Montreal and it was excellent. She is lots of fun and I would definitely recommend. Was easy to set up, nice hotel for incall, very clean room, and greeted with nice passionate kissing. Quick shower and she was ready to go. Great bbbj and she’s very flexible and accommodating too. Actually much sexier in person than her pictures in her ad I would say, as long as you don’t mind some nice tattoos. Hope she keeps visiting Toronto… ​ - matt2337, Jul 21 2021

I saw Emily Beauchamp this week at a DT location which is convenient for me, everything seems to be at the airport or Markham. She is a spinner, perfect fit body, a great little tushy so great view in doggy. Perfect b-cups with pierced nipples. A GND with plenty of artwork on her body. Overall a sensual GFE session and she finished me off with a HJ, she was surprised at how much cum popped out and even giggled. I had some time left but couldn't go for round 2. So we just chilled a chatted, she a cool chick to hang out within a social setting. No PSE menu. ​ - glamphotographer, Aug 11 2021

Hey guys, I had the opportunity to spend time with Emily during her Ottawa tour. She provided a very enjoyable GFE with lots of passionate dfk, and some of the best bbbj which included lots of dt. Her body is ridiculous if you are into spinners - incredibly tight. Keep in mind the images on her ads/twitter do have her tattoos edited out of them. Her personality is playful throughout the session. I would definitely repeat. Physical likeness to ad: 7.5/10 Attractiveness: 8/10 Performance: 10/10 Service as Stated in Text: Yes Repeat: Yes  ​ - Meaning, Sept 9 2021

Emily Beauchamp (@emilybeau) is extremely sweet and caring! When I saw her in Toronto, she gave me wine to-go! Now that’s someone who cares about you even after the session. ​ - misdeed, Sept 24 2021

I am 2 weeks late in posting this recommendation but hopefully this will encourage the men of Halifax to see her next time. She is a beautiful young women with great vibes. Really friendly, all accurate descriptions of herself, and great service. She put me at ease from the get go. I will definitely see her again next time she is here. Thanks @Emily Beauchamp for your time! ​ - Kaz Rushdi Dec 11 2021

Best SP I have seen personally (probably just my style). She has an innocent look but also has a very sexy aura. She's very much inked throughout the body which was a surprise, but I can't complain. Her services, attitude and chemistry was all there. I saw her when she first started to make trips to Toronto (I think 2020 summer), and I haven't been able to see her since then (which is a shame). I know this isn't the right sub for indys but wanted to share my experience. I don't want to recommend (selfishly) and want to repeat! ​ - Rchoi0722, Jan 27 2022

Emily was visiting Hawaii from her home location in Montreal. It was her first time here, so she was only taking appointments in the late afternoon and evening. The pictures on her website are generally accurate, but she hides her tattoos, and she has quite a few. Her nipples were also pierced. She wears a little too much makeup, but that's my only complaint. We met at her incall hotel in the lobby because the elevator required a room key. Emily was very petite and attractive. We went to her room, chatted for a bit, and then the fun began. And she was great. Recommended. I saw Emily on Tryst and she only had a few days left in Hawaii. I texted the phone number on Tryst and her assistant responded later that day that because her phone service was from Canada, she couldnt receive texts from the US. So, I filled out her contact request form. She emailed me back relatively quickly and after verification set up an appointment for several days out. I told her it was going to be tough to wait and she moved my appointment up to the next day.  She has multiple reviews on her website and I recommend you read through them. When I met her in the hotel lobby, she was wearing typical tourist clothing. But she normally meets her clients in lingerie. We got to her room and sat down to chat for a bit. Emily has a wonderful French Canadian accent. I showered and met her in the bedroom. She had changed into the sexy lingerie you would expect. We cuddled and French kissed for a few minutes. She took her top off and has perky smallish breasts, with her nipples pierced. She was very responsive to my kissing and licking her nipples. I wasnt quite hard yet, so I suggested we start with me eating her pussy. She was happy to oblige. Her pussy was completely shaves and very tight. I played with her and licked her clit until we were both extremely excited. She laid me down and started with a BBBJ. She was very skilled at this and it felt amazing. She would bring me to the brink of cumming and then slow down. After a few minutes I asked her to stop, since I didnt think I could go twice in 90 minutes and wanted to still be hard so we could fuck for a while. She agreed and put a condom on me. We started out with her on top for a while. We then switched to standing missionary then standing doggy. Emily has a fantastic tight little butt and it was fantastic to play with while I (...) her. We took a quick break to catch our breaths and hydrate, then got right back to business. We had sex in several more positions, which were all fantistic. Her pussy was nice and tight and she definitely knew what she was doing. After about an hour I still hadnt orgasmed and her pussy was starting to hurt. She took my condom off and started giving me a hand job after a few minutes she switched to a blow job to end the session. For the last 15 minutes we cuddled and chatted. Emily was fantastic and well worth the money.  ​ *I edited out some explicit content of that review and the part talking about my donation ​ The Erotic Review - kjuncookin, Jan 2022

Sorry For the delay ..i got lost in words what to write about this amazing companion... I've been “hobbying” for over 2 years now, and throughout this time there have been several companions i have met.Emily was one was one of them i met recently ... Her social media and reviews are really attractive and thats what got my attention.. Contact was easily made through text and was fast, the appointment made, and did all booking requirements and she said she would text me with her room number when she checked in on the day at time of appointment . I did outfit request too like always... I arrived at her room at the appointed time, to have the door opened by this beautiful lady, in a sexy dress, and we seemed to hit it off from the moment I entered. She was very passionate right from beginning like meeting old long lost friend.It was intense DFK, …. and before excusing myself to take a shower. *After the shower,* we start DFK again and sloppy bbbj with lots of spit which i kinda like it a-lot... I forced myself to unzip her and peel her dress from her ;-) and then marvelled at her beautiful physique. sexy boobs She does have several tattoos, and they are really attractive... I laid her down and kissed a trail from her lips, to her neck, breasts and sensitive nipples, and then headed south to DATYland. Emily moaned. Her touch was excellent, and her movement to my tongue and fingers was exciting and genuine. After allowing her orgasm to subside, I got to lie down and she followed the same path of kisses, and ended gazing up at me, while providing a wonderful BBBJ and BLS, complete with licking, deep sucking and hand. I was ready for next step. Protections on and deep intense of sex in different positions..OH boy she can take deep pounding ...With a little time left, and this incredible body beside me, I asked if she could handle another orgasm. She seemed keen to try! So I positioned myself between those endless legs, and gave her my speciality. Yes, she came at least a couple of times, and seemed relaxed. she is very energetic, intelligent,funny, sweet and amazing companion Am glad we meet and will continue to meet in future.... Thank you for such beautiful night you lovely and enjoy the candies... ​ - Rocky98, Feb 6 2022

Long time lurker, but first review. Emily has to be the most amazing provider I have met in 7+ years. I have seen her on both her visits so far to Winnipeg and will definately be making the time when she visits next. She makes you feel like you have known each forever, very easy to talk to as well as warm and welcoming. She is absolutely stunning and beautiful. Her abilities to be dominant and take control are top notch. No matter how much time I spend with her, it never seems to be enough. ​ - Mike782, Aug 5 2022

I've actually seen Emily twice, once when she was visiting Toronto. She was so amazing I had go see her again. She has an amazing body with many beautiful tattoos. She is not just a looker but is also highly intelligent and can hold a very engaging conversation. When she announced a tour to my town with a friend, I had to go see her again. When I went to see her, she appeared at the door with a lovely red slip and lingerie underneath. I was a bit nervous at first but she put that to rest with some light conversation. After a bit, she excused herself to washroom and came back in just the lingerie. VIPs can read on about what happens next... Definitely will see her again anytime she comes to town or when I'm traveling to Montreal. The first time I met with Emily she was so full of energy and we chatted for a bit then her clothes fell off revealing quite a lot of tats. After a lot of DFK and touching, she put my cock in her mouth and omg can she blow. Once nice and hard, she slipped on the condom and then popped her cute butt up and invited me to slide in doggy! oh man was she tight! This old man pounded her for as long as I could and busted in the condom. Will definitely need a longer session next time and try different things with her. She is definitely game. Highly recommended! ​ The Erotic Review - Vulcan, Jul 2022

Emily is a real sweetheart with a definite naughty side... Petite, spinner, fantastic ink. The image of her bum as she is walking away from me naked is burned into my mind! It was the third time I met Emily. We had planned a longer encounter which included dinner, private time, a champagne tasting, and more private time. I arrived at her incall about an hour before our dinner reservations. We opened a bottle of wine, settled down on the couch and started chatting while having a drink. About halfway through the second glass we found ourselves in the middle of a heavy make-out session... passionate kissing, lots of tongue, and hands wandering and squeezing pretty much everywhere. At this point, I think we both knew that we were going to ghost our dinner reservations. I excused myself to take a quick shower and came back to find Emily wearing a sheer bathrobe and nothing else. We quickly settled back onto the couch and continued where we had left off. She was clearly as into it as I was. My hands wandered from her erect nipples down to her pussy. It was wet in no time. All the while, she was spitting into her hands and giving me a hand job. She pushed away from me, kneeled on the floor, and started giving me a blow job. Lots of eye contact, ball licking and spit! I was in heaven! It felt so good! After a few minutes I had to stop her or I would have blown my load right there. I told her I was going to return the favour. We switched places with her sitting on the couch and me kneeling on the floor. I worked my way down her body, following what seemed to be a roadmap defined by her tattoos. I finally got down between her legs and went to town on her pussy. It is perfection! Definitely one of the prettiest I have ever seen... small and pink and wet... (I get a chubby pretty much anytime I close my eyes and picture it!) After a few minutes she was moaning and bucking and also close to climax. She insisted I stop and that we get a hat on. Who am I to argue? We finished on the couch with her riding me cowgirl... I really exploded when I couldn't hold back any longer... Once I caught my breath, we cuddled on the couch for a while, both of us sweaty and feeling oooh so relaxed. We chatted some more, finished our wine and decided to take a shower to get ready for our champagne tasting. We Ubered over to the location and were lucky to find that we were the only 2 at the tasting that usually hosts 6. Even though we asked to close the curtains, it wasn't exactly the most private room. People walking by in the hallway were obviously curious and could still see inside with the curtains closed as much as possible. We had an amazing time trying 3 different types of champagne while kissing and touching each other inappropriately when we thought we could get away with it. I am not sure what the passers-by saw, but our waiter definitely caught us once when he came back into the room... a true professional, he clearly saw nothing... ;-) After the tasting, both a bit giddy on the champagne, we Ubered back to Emily's incall. Once again, the driver was a true professional and didn't notice anything totally inappropriate going on in the back seat. Once inside, Emily quickly freshened up and I took a quick shower after her. This time, when I came out, Emily was waiting for me on the bed in all her naked glory! Everything after that is a blur of tongues, hands, fingers, saliva, blowjobs, ball licking, titty squeezing, clit licking, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, sitting, standing, missionary, doggy... It could have lasted 15 minutes or 60 minutes... I have no idea. At the end we were both completely spent. She curled up in my arms, we kissed a little bit and I think we both fell asleep for a few minutes, completely blissed out, completely satisfied. Every time I see Emily, it keeps getting better and better... I will be seeing her again soon! She is supposed to have some new ink that I can't wait to see! I am sure it will lead me to some undiscovered parts of her body! ​ The Erotic Review - Guido.Vendetta, Aug 2022

Well Gents - end of qtr and time to celebrate with a FINE elegant french beauty in the name of Ms @emilybeau. French cuisine never EVER tasted so good - the energy and attitude of this beautiful women is to be applauded. Gents what I write is based on my personal experience only and if you would like any additional information or whatever, just PM me and I will be happy to respond. -Communication was so easy and pre-booking was done in the first week of Feb/23. Basically when I saw she was visiting via her twitter - I reach out to secure a date via email (very responsive and prompt). I usually don't ever do deposits but after doing my research on here - she is a reputable provider with no bullshit - deposit friendly - plus she is smoking hot - god damn she is crazy sexy - especially with that subtle french accent - I just love that  -Confirmed last night to make sure we were still on and like she has been throughout the booking process, she responded with the location and further details were given once I arrived - keep in mind - she is super detailed in giving instructions - thank you @emilybeau -Once all the details were emailed - I made my way up - super excited - been meaning to see her since last year and it was finally going to happen. -I approach the door and a gentle knock and for once - I actually got excited before the unlocking of the door - I hear her stilettos approaching the door and that sound of her walking had me hard before the unlocking of the door - damn that was first - still hear those footsteps -As the door opened, I walked through and there stands this FUCKING HOT FRENCH BEAUTY - dress in a one piece red dress tight dress, sexy glasses with bolded black rims (imagine that secretary smoke show look), beautiful hair flowing past her shoulders and shiny pitch black stilettos, imagine this but cut-off at the thighs - mind blowing -Great energy right off the bat - we laugh because I had some trouble getting there - but that was totally my fault - anyways - I place the Bread & Butter White Wine, a box of the finest milk chocolates along with the donation on the kitchen table and she is ever so grateful and then hugs me and starts to DFK me - I LOVE IT - she is super comfortable and so appreciative -We make our way to the couch and we continue to talk and have fun, laugh and some more kissing and then she cradles me on the couch to show her beautiful pussy - no panties gents - so imagine that picture above without any panties - yup another mind blowing moment  -Some more kissing - I caress my hands up and down her legs - so smooth btw - more talking and more laughter - so much fun and so attentive as well -After a little of this and that - back and forth banter - gentle kisses and deep kisses, I excuse myself to the bathroom for the real show and I am ready mates - so ready -I come out to this, but imagine this with pitch black ~3-4 inch stiletto's, not the boots you see in the picture and I of course come out with a hard-on and my birthday suit - yeah - I know - no comparison - but in my defence - I think I have a great body - enough about me  -I think I went to the couch to sit or did we go to the bedroom - either way I don't remember, @emilybeau comes over and gives me another hug and kiss and next thing I know we are on the bed making out - great kisser - soft lips and love that tongue of hers -Gentle kisses on the body and she made her way down and gave a sensual BBBJ, moans, sucks, slurps, she took all of me and then I had to return the favour - no correction - than I WANTED her to sit on my face - great hygiene on this women, went to town on that pussy as she moves back and forth on my face - I love eating pussy - I really do -She then starts again on giving me a BBBJ with BLS, after awhile of this I get her to lie down on her back and I start to gently FF the beautiful @emilybeau while dining again on that pussy and gently applying some DIGITS - did I mention I also love the 6-9 action -Its time for the main show, rubber comes on and CG is the first act, she glides back and forth, pumps up and down and this feels so good, I play with her beautiful breasts, I suck on those beautiful breasts, then a gentle whisper in my left ear - 'lets do doggy' in the sweetest french accent - HELL YEAH - she slides off - gets on all fours and I insert what god gave me and I must say - this was the best doggy session EVER, I found myself pounding that ass a little harder than usual - not my style at all - but felt SO DAMN GOOD, so good that I busted in the rubber - was exhausted after that - my plan was to bust on her beautiful tits - oh well next time -Feeling exhausted we laugh some more and some more gentle kisses - she is a sweetheart gents - she is so kind with her time and generous in what she provides - we lay in bed and chat some more - that was really nice - cuddling on my left - super sweet feeling -we clean up - continue to talk and laugh and I excuse myself to the shower @emilybeau is without a doubt a true french elite courtesan - she takes care of you and will do so until you leave - I can see why so many of the reviews state that they wish she was their girlfriend - I can see this happening - but always remember - DO NOT FALL IN LOVE gents because she has that ability to cast that spell. We exchange a bit more pleasantries before I make my way out - a kiss goodbye and a hug and back to the real world until later this month I'm a simple guy gents, my menu was DFK, LFK, DATY, 69, FF (Gentle), BBBJ, BLS, DIGITS, CG, DOGGY, NIR (Nutted in Rubber) Skin - Smooth Pussy - Wet Condo - 10 (clean) Personality - 10 + Gift - $500 Repeat - 100% YES  ​ - Sonic Temply Feb 2023

A few weeks ago, my curiosity was peeked by Marine and Emily's post. Never had taken part in a threesome, I tought they could be the right ones to explore my fantasies with. If I had to define it in one word: Stupendous. Booking was easy. The back and forth, effortless and quite funny. I like to do know what they like as well, so I can focus on the simple thing that makes a rendez-vous pleasant. Their wish list helped me with some, I hope good choices of beverages. Location is clean and discret, and they both greeted me with a big smile and a casual approach, that put my worries to rest. Discussion ensued. As I got up to offer refills, they asked me gently to step in the shower. I quite like, when they take it upon themselves to guide me towards the next step of our encounters. Comming from them, it feels like they are confortable to move on, and it doesn't feel ackward or worse; that one might be prying to advance. I came out of the shower and they we're both sitting on the bed. I had to take a breather right there as anticipation had started to build. I told them: <> They laughed at my ''beautiful naivety'' and told me not to worry. Being a bit socialy ackward and thus not picking up non-verbal cues. They basicaly had to tell me to get my dumb ass in bed (Not in those words...) Not being one to kiss and tell. I was overwhelmed. It felt like Mouths, limbs and body parts we're flying everywhere. Those who say threesome are overrated in my humble opinions have: Either did too much of them, or may not like to give up control. I was only worried about giving and equal amount of attention to each ladies. But since they guided me all along the way, I didn't have to. The chemistry between them is great and moving around in bed comes quite natural. We kept good comunication all through the session and shared laughs as well. They are both sexy, pretty and energetic. Repeat? In a heartbeat. - Verbal Kint Sept 2023

Booked a duo with Emily and her friend Marine Seville. Screening and booking process was straight forward and Emily is extremely responsive over email. Day of Emily and Marine arrived to my hotel and at first sight I knew we were gonna have a great time. You can book with confidence. Emily and Marine clearly enjoy what they do and have a lot of fun doing it. We got into my hotel room and got straight into it. They both wore dresses at my request and were super eager to please. It was my first duo, but these girls know how to put a guy at ease. Started by making out with both of them on the couch and in between they’d make out with one another. Lots of LFK and DFK, groping, rubbing, and everything you’d expect from a threesome. Moved the action on to the bed where they both took turns sucking my c*** and b**** until I was rock hard. They started to go down on one another, so I put on a cover and the action started. Super tight and the site of watching her in between the other girls legs while doing it was straight out of a movie. Suffice to say, didn’t last very long and blew in the bag. We relaxed and laughed over a bottle of champagne for a bit before the girls wanted to go another round. Again, they both got under me and took turns blewing my b**** and c*** for what felt like forever. As much as I had hoped I didn’t have another round in me, but it wasn’t from lack of effort on their part. We all showered together afterwards (which was also a lot of fun!) If you’re looking for true GFE action with two fun girls, you won’t be disappointed by this duo. *Adaptations were made to this review to remove the "graphic details" The Erotic Review - BLACKTHORNE2332 - Sept 2023

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